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Speed control governor’s maintenance

Did you know? Most of the time, the problems encountered on a governor are related to the assembly and/or the adjustment of compensation. Indeed, they are not necessarily caused by the governor itself. When incorrect speed variations appear, we advise you to follow a precise procedure. Discover the different steps to properly maintain your governor. […]

The interest of having emergency equipment

Did you know? As an official Woodward, Heinzmann and Regulateurs Europa distributor, we offer the sale* of new equipment, manufacturer spare parts, as well as reconditioned products. The opportunity to equip yourself with a spare governor to guarantee the availability and proper functioning of your installation! *The products we offer cover all possibilities fof mechanical […]

NCG at the Petrochemical exhibitions

Last month, we have participated in the Petrochymia exhibition in Martigues and LH Petrochimie in Le Havre. The opportunity to meet the main players in the industrial sector, and to present our various products and services to them. Previous Next Meetings and sharing of our know-how These exhibitions participations were above all an opportunity for […]

NCG news: “From Le Havre to Marseille”

Since 2014, NCG grows in the speed control of rotating thermal machines market. In a few years, our know-how has led us to the recognition of the largest suppliers on the market, allowing us to be now certified as a Woodward, Heinzmann and Regulateurs Europa official distributor in France and French-speaking African countries. NCG in […]

See you at Petrochymia and LH Petrochimie trade shows

Salons Petrochymia & LH Petrochimie

Did you know? This year, NCG participates in two shows in the industrial sector: Petrochymia and LH Petrochimie. Our teams, with our partner Woodward, will present you our services and the latest technology Woodward equipment. We look forward to meeting you, see you soon! All you need to know about trade fairs PETROCHYMIA Where? La […]

Our modernization recommendations on woodward equipment

As an official Woodward distributor in France, Monaco and in French-speaking African countries, we also have AISF and RTR Woodward certifications which allow us to offer you a variety of quality services. Woodward offers new product lines and models for a more flexible control and a simplified use of your machines. Our engineering and technical support office […]

VariStroke Woodward

VariStroke is Woodward’s line of linear electro-hydraulic valve actuators for operation of steam or hydro turbine control valves. They ensure the well functioning of the steam turbine , hydraulic turbine control or control valves in general. These linear actuators use a low pressure oil supply to generate an output force from the cylinder. Thanks to its […]