Frequently Asked Questions

Concerning NCG Service

  •  NCG has its own stock of spare parts for better availability of controller products.
  • For more information, please contact our sales department to discuss our speed control solutions.

Depending on the emergency, our staff can arrive on your site as soon as possible. We intervene under an average work duration of 24 hours.


NCG is able to retrieve your obsolete equipment for recycling.

NCG integrates technical solutions (products, modernisation projects, etc.) in favour of the environment into each service.

These solutions allow you, thanks to our latest generation and refurbished product range as well as our advice on optimising the speed regulation loop, to improve environmental performance (energy, limitation of black smoke, etc.)

Our project team and our QSSES manager are at your service for further information.

Concerning the Documentation to be Provided

The required documents are as follows:

A detailed report containing:

– Photographs of the governor on receipt

– Parts that require replacement and the reason for replacing them

– Photographs of the governor in its final state

– The test curves on receipt and at the final state

– The manufacturer’s test sheet in its initial and final state

– A delivery note summarizing the P/N and S/N of the equipment

Feel free to visit the product sheet section to learn more about our speed control equipment.

Concerning my Equipment

The identification of these codes can be found on the nameplate on the governor body.

  • The part number defines the type of equipment
  • The serial number is the single incremental number of the equipment
  • These are precise identifications of the type of equipment you own
  • It also allows you to know the functionalities of your equipment
  • Hydraulic-Mechanics
  • Electronics

The adjustment of a controller requires perfect knowledge of its functions.

Some adjustments can be made by the end user if he knows the procedure to be performed and the risks.

For warranty reasons, internal adjustments to the equipment are only possible by persons authorised by the manufacturers.

Concerning Technical References

  • This varies greatly depending on the operating mode of the governor (main engine or generator set) and temperatures. It is necessary to count one oil change every 3,000 or 4,000 hours.

For more information, please refer to the Woodward Oils For Hydraulic Controls Guide

The degree of wear and tear as well as the condition of each part

NCG recommends that equipment maintenance be performed every 3 months or 15,000 hours of operation.

It also depends on several factors:

– the type of governor

– the maintenance performed

– its environment

– the frequency of use