The marine branch is one of NCG’s key sectors, based near Port 2000 in Le Havre on the English Channel.

We have built up a skillset in the marine sector, reflecting solid identify and a make up of complex technical demands.

We are capable of responding to projects by calling on our technical teams located all avoer the world and for all types of vessels, making it possible to offer you an adapted operation-to-needs service.

As soon as our operators have embarked on your vessel adapted maintenance can be carried out at dockside or at sea.

In addition to speed control any type of engine such as fuel, dual-fuel or gas, our teams can also ensure that engines comply with all regulatory anti-pollution standards.

Adjusting air-fuel mixtures makes it therfore possible to limit visible emissions when propulsion systems are ramped up.

As well as on-board interventions, we also offer our clients workshop overhauls of speed gear controllers or the standard exchange of equipement guaranteeing continous operation of the vessel.

Our sales team is able to draw up a Maintenance Service Agreement for both superintendents and maintenance service providers.

The purpose of these contracts is to help actors officialise maintenance service, while also encouraging a balanced relationship between the duties and obligations of each party.