Our technical and sales teams are at your disposal to answer your requests. Thanks to our responsiveness, we are able to involve our teams worldwide.

Head Office


Parc Les Entrepreneurs III – 137 rue de la Pique en Mare

76620 Le Havre, FRANCE

Tél : +33(0) 235 179 480

Sales Team:


+33(0)2 35 19 09 09

Marseille Agency


467 Chemin du Littoral

13016 Marseille, FRANCE

Tél : +33(0)4 96 14 11 33

Sales Team:


+33(0)4 96 14 11 33

Did you know?

In order to support our presence in the market, we are also in the South of France, in Marseille. Thanks to this openness, we are able to respond, with ever more responsiveness and availability, to our customers’ requests in the Mediterranean region.