NCG is your partner in quality industrial production.

Thanks to our on-site or in-workshop teams, we are able to help you achieve quality production. We work in all areas of industry from petrochemicals, sugar mills, paper mills to waste recovery.

Our personnel is aware of the intricacies of each of our clients’ control machines and processes. Operations are planned collectively. We are there to help you in curative procedures and respond to production emergencies.

As you are also the first to identify hazards on your industrial production lines. We offer you training courses to better know how to respond and identify concerns related to the regulation of thermal machines, so you may be the first guarantor of your industrial tool: Production and Equipment are more efficiently preserved as a result.

Growing expectations in terms of:

  • Technical expertise
  • Deadlines
  • Operation follow-up and the after-sales service market

Our specialisation in the area of engine and turbine control, as well as our technical know-how, mean that we can guarantee you the following maintenance services today:

  • Electric governor regulators
  • Injection and actuator governors of all brands: Woodward, Regulateurs Europa, Heinzmann, Zexel, Diesel Kiki, Barber Colman etc.

Our various control propositions in industrial production: