https://catalogue.meggittsensing.com/Specialized in speed control and safety of rotating thermal machines, we offer a wide choice of services to our customers in the industrial, marine, and nuclear power sectors.

In a few years, our know-how and our teamwork have led us to the recognition of the largest suppliers on the market. Our determination to improve the customer experience in this industry allows us today to work daily in partnership with the main manufacturers of control and monitoring systems, such as Woodward, Parker Meggitt, VIBRO-METER.


As an official Woodward distributor in France, Monaco, and in french-speaking african countries since 2018, we also have ASI – AISF and RTR qualifications.


Recognized as a Woodward repair and service center in France, Monaco and french-speaking african countries.


Responsible for sales, service delivery, system integration solutions, technical support and after-sales service for standard Woodward products in our geographic area.


Specialized in upgrades and modernization of turbine control systems using innovative control, actuation and valve technologies from Woodward.

NCG is also recognized as an official Parker Meggitt distributor

ABOUT Parker Meggitt       VIBRO-METER

The Meggitt facility in Fribourg, Switzerland, designs and manufactures complete condition monitoring, vibration monitoring, and measurement solutions for the energy and aerospace industries. Since its foundation in 1952 as Vibro-Meter, our products and expertise have enabled superior solutions for the sensing and monitoring of vibration, pressure, air gap and other essential parameters in critical plants and equipment. Today, our solutions are trusted by major OEMs globally and have Generation, Oil & Gas and other industrial applications.