NCG at the Petrochemical exhibitions

Last month, we have participated in the Petrochymia exhibition in Martigues and LH Petrochimie in Le Havre. The opportunity to meet the main players in the industrial sector, and to present our various products and services to them.

Meetings and sharing of our know-how

These exhibitions participations were above all an opportunity for us to physically meet our customers and prospects from the industrial sector. Many of you came to meet us, thank you for your visit!

During these two shows, we were accompanied by our supplier and partner Woodward*, who wanted to show his support in our activities and highlight our partnership for several years. On this occasion, we made demonstrations on last generation Woodward equipment for the protection of turbines and compressors.

*Did you know? NCG is qualified as a distributor, AISF and RTR Woodward in France and in French-speaking African countries.

Highlighting our opening in Marseille

An exhibition in Marseille and another one in Le Havre? NCG had to participate! In fact, it has been several months since we opened premises (including offices and a fully equipped workshop) in Marseille.

This opening allows us to respond to your requests with even more availability and responsiveness than before, and makes us the one and only Woodward distributor based in Marseille.

The whole team is delighted to have been able to meet you, present our products and services, and discuss with you about the evolution of our activities. Thanks to our partner, Woodward, for its presence and support. 

To learn more about Woodward’s activities in Poland, watch our video: