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NCG news: “From Le Havre to Marseille”

Since 2014, NCG grows in the speed control of rotating thermal machines market. In a few years, our know-how has led us to the recognition of the largest suppliers on the market, allowing us to be now certified as a Woodward, Heinzmann and Regulateurs Europa official distributor in France and French-speaking African countries.

NCG in Marseille

In order to support our presence in the market, we recently opened premises in the South of France, in Marseille. This new location allows us to highlight our ability to respond to requests from the region, always showing the greatest possible responsiveness and availability.

Did you know? With this opening, NCG is now the only Woodward representative in the South of France, with a fully equipped workshop.

New visual identity

In line with the development of the company, we wanted to develop our communication by offering it a new visual identity. Thus, in September 2021 emerges a brand new logo.

This new logo, more refined and simplified, testifies to our determination to be recognized as the benchmark in the speed control sector, worldwide.

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