assistance technique

Our Strenghts


  • A dedicated 24/7 for telephone assistance hotline.
  • A long-term contact can be set up to guarantee you permanent assistance.

Technical Know-how

  • The option of provinding technical audits.

  • Additional technical support facilities can be carried out by on-the-job training and/or on-site equipement overhauls with the help of our portable test bench.

  • Technical support may include the removal, installation and commissioning of overhauled equipement in the workshop.


  • NCG measurement equipement is monitored according to rigorous metrologies.

  • Complete End of Intervention Reports are provided 15 days after the end of the assistance.

Our team of experts in speed control of rotating machines is ready to assist you by telephone or on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Athoriezd for access to the varous industrial, cublear and port sites, we are specialised to work on all Woodward, Heinzmann and Regulateurs Europa equipement, grom the control loop to securing safety installations.

Such is the know-how we have of your installations and experience in speed regulation of rotating machines acquired from our customers, our experts will be able to assist you in the event of proventive maintenance, commissioning or urgent troubleshooting of your installations.

Our responsive and mobile team operates according to your needs all around France, and in compliance to international standards safety rule standards (prevention plan, customer instructions, etc.) and in accordance with the environment.

We are committed to ensure that your system performs at its best and that you receive the optimum possible support.