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Woodward modernization in marine sector

Focus on our march prestations

Discover some of our prestations, performed in march, in the nuclear, marine and industrial sectors.

Nuclear sector

Operation in a nuclear waste treatment center

Load distribution diagnostic on PIELSTICK PC2.5 generator set.

Nuclear Power Plant requalification

Prestation in nuclear power plant, for our customer EDF, to do periodic tests for the equipment requalification.

Speed control training in the nuclear sector

Welcoming five EDF supervisors, as part of a training course including a theoritical part and a practical part: operating and handling of a hydraulic governor for Woodward and Regulateurs Europa brands.

Marine sector

Technical Assistance for our customer BAI

Intervention on Pont-Aven ferry (Brittany Ferries) to resume the propulsion engine PID settings, due to instabilities.

Technical maintenance for a shipping company

Régulation de vitesse dans le secteur maritime

Technical assistance to resume the settings of the 723+ speed control governors:

  • calibration of control signals for scrubber optimization ;
  • shaft line power balancing.

After doing some measurements on the governor and engine rack, we removed the governor and installed a new Woodward equipment.

After that, our technician Flavien performed the empty start tests at minimum speed in order to analyze the behavior of the engine and the governor. He then increased speed, step by step, until it reached 1,000 rpm, nominal speed.

Upgrading Woodward equipment and commissioning on site

As part of a modernization, we went on site to replace our client’s old equipment (UG-25 P0) with a UG-25+ P3 which is more recent.

The way of wiring a P0 being different from a P3, we had to redo the wiring of the electric control, and modify the customer configuration to have correct start and operation.

Woodward modernization in marine sector

Technical assistance on Vizzanova ship

Intervention à bord du navire Corsica Linea

Maintenance for our client Corsica Linea:

  • Technical assistance for the refitting of a UG8D governor: change of governor on diesel generators and on-board tests ;
  • On-board training: explanation of good practices and operations to be carried out when changing a governor.

Industrial sector

Commissioning of an equipment in Senegal

Commissioning of a 10 MW THERMODYN turbine equipped with a Woodward 2301E-ST plate and a Woodward UG-A actuator.

Tests, configuration and adjustments of the digital control board according to the specifics of the customer process.

Technical assistance on an industrial site

The customer contacted us for a stability problem on a turbo-compressor. The governor was disconnected from the machine and the speed was managed manually from a valve.

However, when there are load variations on the compressor, the speed of the turbine also varied, and without speed control, the turbine could either stop (overload) or go into overspeed. Our technician Steve therefore reconnected and adjusted the governor to make the operation of the machine more reliable and bring it back into conformity.

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