Resumption of our training

Despite the current situation, our training program has resumed with barrier gestures and physical distancing.

Our training program

We offer to our customers in marine, industrial and nuclear sectors, personalized training according to their needs. These « turnkey » training courses allow everyone to improve their knowledge in speed control of rotation machines, as well as the ranges of our suppliers: Woodward, Regulateurs Europa and Heinzmann.

Our training program includes:

  • A theoretical training about speed control and engines.
  • A practical part with the handling of the equipment and test benches allowing the simulation of a complete loop.

Formation pratique : Banc d'essai Formation dans notre atelier

The place of training

We are able to welcome you in our offices in Harfleur (Normandy), which has been approved by the Prefect of the Haute-Normandie as a training center. However, depending on your needs, we can also come in your company.

Covid-19 : our training courses are maintained

Due to the situation, we have adapted our training with due regard to a strict health protocol, for everyone’s health and safety. Last month, we made two training courses in our offices for our customer EDF: 

  • A training course on mechanical speed control, from November 16th to 19th, for four executive and business managers.
  • A training course on electronic speed control, from November 30th to December 3rd. 

Objectives and prerequisites had been defined with EDF. It was the opportunity for its employees to improve their knowledge in Woodward speed control and in diesel engines.

Formation sur la régulation de vitesse

« All you need to know about mechanical governors, including theoretical input, disassembly / reassembly of governors, and bench test. A very interesting training, thanks to Steeve for his entertainment as well as his availability. And thanks to the entire NCG team for the welcome. » 

N. ABBADI, Rotating machine engineer

“A dynamic company, force of proposals, with a spirit of industrial partnership very appreciated.”
S. PEDRO, Material business pilot

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